Should I Buy Or Rent My Home?

First time buyers, couples or young families often consider buying a new property a no-brainer, as long as they can come up with the capital for a deposit. But since the economic crash, house prices have fallen and, although rising, are unpredictable. Nobody can really afford to buy a property with the chance of it decreasing in value but who wants to flush their money away on rent when they could be making an investment.

There are many benefits to renting, maintenance and upkeep are not your responsibility in any way. Most contracts are only around 12 months so after that, you can up roots and move on if you wish. There are certain legislations in place to protect you and you have no chance of falling into negative equity.

Although there are some rare try-before-you-buy schemes, rent is dead money; you pay it and never see it again. Many renters are naive and end up spending so much in rent that they cannot afford to save for a deposit to actually buy a house. You could get stuck with a cheap landlord who refuses to spend any money on maintenance and needs constant chasing; you should make sure you have a decent landlord who is registered and will put your deposit in the right place as stated by law.

Should you find yourself with the spare cash for a deposit, paying for a mortgage will be paying money into something that should ultimately hold its value if not increase your investment allowing you to purchase a more expensive property. You can avoid any of the problems associated with a landlord and can ultimately do whatever you want in your own pad, your house, your rules.

Buying a property doesn’t just involve the price of the house itself, there are plenty of other costs involved such as setting up a mortgage; solicitor’s fees, surveyors etc, this greatly increases if the property requires any work. Choosing a mortgage is difficult as you will need to find the right one for you, interest rates can vary and some banks and lenders offer more than others. You will be responsible for the property both aesthetically and legally.This rent to own process can then become a major way for a lot of people to be able to own their own houses. Is it amazing the things you find out on the Internet huh? But how do you find someone to do this rent to own home search for you? Are there services? Yes. But you might have to pay a lot for them. Are there people like agents?
Yes. But again this might cost a pretty penny as well. How about ebooks that are written developed and designed by people that have tons of knowledge about this kind of stuff?

Yes! This is exactly what you want. Today, I found an ebook online that is specifically written for people like you that want to learn how to get into something like this, and how to rent to own your own home. It’s very possible and very easy to understand.

Essentially the question comes down to two things; do you have the equity to buy a property? And are you willing to take a risk with an investment? If you do then go and buy, if not then look for a cheap rental while you save up.



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