Why Choose a Condo (vs a House)


When planning to buy a property, you might find yourself in a dilemma in choosing between a condo and a house. But here are some of the good reasons why you should consider a condo compared to a house.

1. Luxury and Comfort

When it comes to comfort and luxury, condos have a number one position as they offer great building features as well as first class amenities. These amenities include swimming pools, fitness rooms, sky lounges and much more. Condominiums have the upper hand advantage because one doesn’t have to make long travels to the city, tend lawns or gardens or even make repairs.

2. Accessibility and Proximity

Condo acquisition is one of the latest trends when it comes to home-owning. Condominiums are more accessible to the city. The strategic position of condos provide easy access to commercial establishments such as malls, or schools or even hospitals, and this provides a stress and hassle free life.

3. Best Investment

When compared to houses, condos in the city gain their values with time, this is because in the future as an owner of the condo you can either rent or resell it and by this you do not have to worry about equities.

The condo is more of investment while a house is more of an occupancy, this is because condos are much less expensive. As an investment, condos save you future stresses since you have an assurance that your investment will prosper.

4. Preference

Long daily travels are stressful especially for city workers and these travels also reduce productivity. Those who live far from the city are limited to working overtime even if they want to. For its best to choose a condo over a house. Due to the proximity to the city, you won’t be needing to make long travels which can be difficult as well as dangerous.

5. Fast Reselling Features

When compared to houses, condos have quick selling features. For instance, if you own a condo, and you want to resell it in the future, its features, proximity, amenities and lesser cost give the high condo chances of fast selling when compared to a house.

One of the important features that makes a condo sell fast is the location. Condos are located a few clicks from prime city hubs while most houses are located far from cities or business centres and hence reduce accessibility.

6. Maintenance

This is another area why you should consider a condo over a house especially if you are an old buyer who no longer feel up to keeping landscape or yard. When you own house, you are responsible for all its upkeep including all the internal maintenance and some of the external maintenance. But when you own house, you do not have to worry of any of these. All you have to do is to pay fees to an association that ensures that all these issues are addressed even including tending yards and mowing lawns.

With the above reasons, you are therefore able to make informed decisions as to why you should go for a condo rather than a house.

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